Tagging instructions

for Kid's Market and Mom

How to tag clothes (click here to view some examples)

  • Use the website to generate your barcode tag-must login first
  • The tags will print 9 to a page
  • Print on white card stock NOT paper.
  • Cut them out
  • Hang item on a metal hanger. Hanger direction will make a question mark. ?
  • Write very good descriptions for each item. Use a black ink pen for BLACK tags and a red ink pen for RED tags.
  • Place tag on upper right side of item.
  • Using one safety pin to attach tag to item. Pin in a vertical direction.


Come down about 1/2 " from top and pin. PLEASE MAKE SURE PIN IS VERTICAL!


- In addition to your tag, a piece of masking tape or a blank label with your Seller ID on it should be placed inside your garment. It is also advised to put it on every item you bring. This is for your protection in case of a lost tag.


- Do not use S, M, L, (exception Maternity) please use month sizes for infant clothing, i.e. 0-3 months, not by lbs.

Designated space has been allotted for these sizes:

  • • 0-3 months
  • • 3 months
  • • 3-6 months
  • • 6 months
  • • 6-9 months
  • • 9 months
  • • 12 months
  • • 18 months
  • • 24 months, 2t,
  • • 3t
  • • 4 & 4t
  • • 5, 6, 6x, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
  • • Maternity use number sizes or XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Remember: only your 10 best pieces!

  • Description

    - Be very, very descriptive. On tag need to include either boy, girl, junior or maternity, then the brand, color and what the item is. If a set, how many pieces. ITEMS TAGGED WITH VAGUE DESCRIPTIONS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED FOR SALE.


    - Metal hangers only. No plastic, plastic coated or wire hanger with cardboard (pants hangers) will be accepted. Contributor Training Videos We will have hangers and safety pins for sale at appointment receiving and regular receiving. Hangers cost $3.00 for 25 and safety pins are $1.00 per bag. Make sure you safety pin your pants to the hanger by the waist and hang your items so that the hook is making a question mark. If possible, use belt loops to support the item on the hanger sizes. The hanger hook should be pointing left. Hang clothes on hanger and if needed secure with a safety pin.


    – For receiving clothing needs to be sorted by size and sex. NO Exceptions! Items will be checked at the door at the time of receiving. All other items other than clothing should also be grouped together i.e. shoes in a bag, toys in a bag, etc. This is very helpful during receiving.

    Items other than clothing:


    - Take your tag, punch a hole at the top, take a zip tie and go through the tag and attach to the shoes. Shoes must be zip tied together. You can reinforce the tag with a small piece of packing tape. Then put your shoes in the appropriate side of ziplock bag. Do not tape the top of the bag. We want your best pairs of shoes, 10 is the limit. Contributor Training Videos


    - Secure extra small parts in Ziploc bags, and secure with clear packing tape. If your toy needs batteries, please include them, and make sure they are in working order. Large toys put one barcode tag on item with a piece of clear packing tape. Make sure toy is described well. Only one tag per toy. Use masking tape with your # if more than one piece. NO stuffed animals, NO Beanie Babies. Learning, dress me up and character dolls are ok.


    - NO VHS tapes will be accepted. DVD’s (ONLY) G rated in original box


    - Grouped together by level in a Ziploc bag, with tag inside the bag include title of each book on tag. If, a single book, use clear packing tape to attach the tag to the outside cover. Describe by using title of book. Only accepting baby, toddler, and elementary aged books.


    - Put in a Ziploc bag with tag inside the bag or use plastic wrap and secure tag to wrap with clear packing tape. Make sure ALL pieces are included with puzzle and describe well on tag.

    Socks, tights, hats, belts, ties, suspenders, underwear, slips, white undershirts and (gloves and mittens during fall sale):

    - All these items must be in a Ziploc bag with tag inside the bag, with a good description. Please note unless new with tag these items will NOT be sorted back to contributor. They will be donated to charity.

    Receiving blankets, bibs, burp cloths, lap pads, mattress covers, cups, bottle, dishes, changing table covers, mattress covers, baby towels, crib sheets, bassinet sheets and pack-n-play sheets:

    All these items must be in a Ziploc bag with tag inside the bag, with a good description. Please note unless new with tag these items will NOT be sorted back to contributor. They will be donated to charity.


    - We do not accept bedding sets, large blankets, or non-crib sheet sets. We do accept crib bedding, crib bumpers, nap mats and sleeping bags. Package in XL Ziplock bag or shrink wrapped and must be clean and in excelent condition.

    Equipment and furniture

    - We are only accepting baby equipment and children's furinture. Tag with only one tag with a good description of item. Use masking tape if more than one piece with your Kid's Market and Mom # on each piece. Attach tag with clear packing tape if plastic or safety pin if cloth.

    Pictures, art and frames

    - We are currently no longer accepting decor.