About Us

Kid's Market and Mom, llc

Kid's Market and Mom is the most unique and exciting way to purchase high quality, low cost prior-owned clothing and furniture for your children. Unlike garage sales where you feel pressured to haggle about prices, all articles at Kid's Market and Mom are clearly marked with the sellers desired sale price. No hassles - no unknowns. And Kid's Market and Mom has become synonymous with top quality merchandise. All items received from consignee's are reviewed by the trained staff and any article not meeting the high standards set by the management of Kid's Market and Mom is held back from sale to be later donated to local charities. The new Kid's Market and Mom location will provide lots of room for uncrowded shopping. Our checkout lines (up to 10 at the same time) are fast with enhanced Point of Sale computers and barcoding of item tags. We are able to rapidly scan item tags for seller ID and prices for quick, efficient and accurate checkout. At Kid's Market and Mom, Inc., we're always looking for ways to improve our customer's consignment experience. Therefore, we've built an improved website. And we continue to improve and add new features every sale. Our new site includes advanced, personalized features not found on other consignment sale websites. So stay tuned - we're improving so that your consignment experience at the original Kid's Market and MomĀ© will be the best ever!