Seller Rules

Some very simple guidelines to follow -

We reserve the right to refuse any items that fail to meet our standards. Please don't take time to tag such items. We want your BEST!!!

  • You, as the seller, make 2/3 of the selling price.
  • You, as the seller, set your own prices.
  • Please use Wire Hangers ONLY.
  • Please use Safety Pins ONLY to attach tags to clothes.
  • Card Stock ONLY for printing bar code labels.
  • Descripts must include: brand, gender, color and what the item is.
  • Use clear packing tape on plastic items.
  • ONLY use current Kid's Market and Mom tags.
  • 5 pairs of your best shoes, more if using the DONATE option.
  • Must follow junior girls and young men's guidelines for junior girls and young men's clothes.
  • Minimum of 15 children's items to participate in each sale.