COVID-19: By order of the Governor, wearing a mask is required to enter and shop, social distancing of 6ft required for receiving and shopping.

All receiving will require an appointment. Please click here to sign up.

Beginning with the 2021 Spring & Summer Sale, we will no longer be providing paper contracts for signing. Acceptance of the contract will occur on this website. Click here to login, then click Update Your Personal Information, download and review the contract, then go back to Update Details, and verify the checkbox to Acknowledge and Accept the Contract Terms is checked. Be sure to download and review a copy of the contract. When you arrive at your appointment receiving time and your items are ready to be received, Kid's Market and Mom will verify your acceptance of the contract. If you arrive at receiving without having performed this acceptance, you will need to step-aside, log into the Kid's Market and Mom website and provide your acceptance at that time. We hope you understand that these changes are being made to minimize contact during this pandemic. Thank you for understanding!
Kim & Paige

Pick up Pay Day for the Spring & Summer 2021 Sale will require an appointment. Please click on the Sign-up Genius Logo to sign up.

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Who is

Kid's Market and Mom?

  • The largest consignment store in Alabama dedicated to children's and maternity items with nearly 80,000 sq ft of organized shopping space.
  • Our Mission: To glorify God and be mindful that everything is His and we are the caretakers. Let everyone with whom we come in contact with at Kid's Market and Mom see Jesus in us and always be reminded that without Him we are nothing.

    Children are a gift from the LORD. Psalm 127:3