Calendar of Events

for Kid's Market and Mom - Birmingham

The following CONFIRMED dates have been set for the

Spring/Summer 2018

Kid's Market and Mom Sale!

These dates apply to the new Kid's Market and Mom Location..
Barcode Distribution Barcodes are now distributed via the website and Kid's Market and Mom tags must be used.
For those without web access, please contact support at Kid's Market and Mom.

Selling Hangers (25 for $3), safety pins (100 for $1), clear shoe bags, zip ties and card stock at all Receiving times and during the sale.

For anyone with items ready for receiving, you may make an appointment here.
Shopping passes will be given at this time for Saturday, Feburary 17th 8a.
Shopping passes distributed during regular receiving only.
If you don't use the link provided, you can send an email to Paigh at

Tuesday, February 6 9a-7p 
Wednesday,February 7 9a-7p 
Thursday, February 8 9a-7p 
Regular Receiving Saturday, February 17th 7a-6p 
Monday, February 19th 9a-7p 
Tuesday, February 20th 9a-7p 
Preview Sale for Early Sellers
All Sellers shop prior to Public Sale -
First 500 shop even earlier!
Times to shop are given out at receiving

Priority # 1-500
Priority # 501-2500
Priority # 2501 and above
#1-500 Tuesday, Feburary 27th
#501-2500 Thursday, March 1st
All other numbers on Saturday, March 3rd
All other Sellers (specific Sat shopping times obtained at receiving.) Saturday, March 3rd 
Public Sale Dates
2 WEEK 2018 Spring/Summer Event
Monday, March 5th 9a-8p 
 Note: During the opening day,
No diaper bags or large purses allowed while shopping.
Strollers will be allowed and will be tagged when you arrive. Fanny packs are acceptable.

Tuesday, March 6th 9a-8p 
Wednesday-Saturday, March 7th-March 10th 9a-6p 

CLOSED Sunday, March 11th

Monday-Wednesday, March 12th-17th 10a-6p 
50% Discount Days

(BLACK TAGS will reduce 50% off)
Tickets with Red price remain at normal price

Thursday & Friday, March 15th & 16th 9a-8p 
Saturday, March 17th 9a-4p 
One Day Only

Thursday, March 22th 11a-7p