Calendar of Events

for Kid's Market and Mom - Birmingham

The following CONFIRMED dates have been set for the

Prom/Pageant Sale 2018

Kids Market and Mom Prom, Pageant, and Accessories Sale Event

Barcode Distribution Barcodes are now distributed via the website and Kid's Market and Mom tags must be used.
For those without web access, please contact support at Kid's Market and Mom.

Selling Hangers (25 for $3), safety pins (100 for $1), clear shoe bags, zip ties and card stock at all Receiving times and during the sale.

Regular Receiving Saturday, January 20th, 10a - 4p 
Monday, January 22nd and Tuesday, January 23rd, 10a - 6p 
Hanger, Pin and Supplies Wednesday, January 24th, 10a - 4p 
Preview Sale Wednesday, January 24th, 10a - 4p 
Public Sale Dates
Thursday and Friday, January 25th-26th 10a-7p 
Saturday, Jaunuary 27th 9a-5p